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Asus Eee got games as well

Posted in Asus EEE, Gadgets & Technology by juned on the January 3rd, 2008

I am not that keen on using the Asus EEE for gaming. Mainly because I have other uses for it. And I even learned Ade used it to play Doom. But according to Michael Kwan of Mobile Magazine in his post, Video: Gaming Is Totally Possible On Asus Eee PC. Impressive. And if you checked the you will two lists of games that can be played on XP and on Linux.

Personally, I am not inclined to put such games on Mister E, my Asus Eee, but that is because I bought the Asus for another purpose. But Gamers who own a Eee will most likely try to install as many as they can. Well, to each his own and have fun.

One of the most useful key in the Asus EEE

Posted in Asus EEE, Gadgets & Technology by juned on the January 3rd, 2008

The EEE has proven to be a very practical device , and not a toy, to bring around. For the price of an expensive cellphone you can do your on-line chore, communicate on-line and surf the web. How can you argue against that? I tell you how can you argue against that?

One of the advantages and flaws of the Asus EEE is its size. Easy to carry and easy to bring around. And this is also a disadvantage because there might be some problems when it comes to working given the size of the EEE.

Enter what probably is the most useful key in the Asus EEE given its size and absence of a mouse. The ALT Button.

This is the most useful button I learned to use while working in the information processing industry - where more than ten abstracts are done each day and more than a hundred things are encoded or formatted. The alt button allows you to move between windows and to access commands you normally would do with a mouse.

Its something basic I know but seems note worthy to point out. And its useful.

Top five reasons you will love or hate the Asus PC 701 EEE

Posted in Asus EEE, Gadgets & Technology by juned on the December 29th, 2007


Just compiling a list of five reason why you will hate or love the Asus EEE. This list depends of course on several factors: (i) Whether you are an EEE owner, (ii) If you are a Mac user, or a PC customer. It also depends if you bought a notebook or planning to buy on or you are going to Taiwan to buy more EEEs. The name itself is wonder it can be annoying or endearing.

1) The EEE is light. You can carry it anywhere: Not advisable but you can carry it with one hand. Go into a restaurant pop it up in a few seconds and type. Put it inside any medium sized bag and not attract attention. carry it with you if you do the rounds. Easy to bring inside a library or in the field. Since its smaller its easier to protect.

2) The EEE is a proper computer. It has a word processor, spreadsheet, database file. The Asus EEE also comes with Wifi and network connectivity. It can surf the Intertnet, play and record videos and audios. At its default settings it is easy to navigate and operate. It even goes on sleep mode.

3) The EEE runs on Linux. Xandros. No high fees for software and no worries that Microsoft is breathing down your neck. There is a third path.

4) The EEE is customizable. You can add softwares and plug-ins. You can also add thumbdrives. You can even change the operating system. And you can add really big stuff to it if you wan to. People have been adding touch screens, blue tooth and other devices.

5) The is reasonably priced. In three months the Asus EEE has sold over 350,000 units and its still selling. People who have seen and learned of the price buy it. Some the next day. And they are coming up with the cheaper models.