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Karol, Good Friday, Testaments & Wills

Posted in Cubao, Observations and Notes by juned on the March 22nd, 2008

Ir ia said that Karol Wojtyla when he was alive went on a spiritual retreat every Holy Week and at the end of that period of reflection came up with a testament and will. Perhaps he was right Holy Week is a good time to reflect on things.

The neighborhood is unusually quiet for a Friday. No one is about. No tricycles. No jeeps. No vendors hawking their wares. This is really unusual for Cubao. This happens twice or trice a year in Cubao.

The only sound comes from the red crested bulbul early in the morning seeking comfort by the tree in front of my window. To hear the sound of that bird early in the morning is quiet relaxing.

It is a welcome silence. And actually it was a good day for writing and spending time with those who you care about who are on hand. It is funny looking back despite everything I actually met people I learn to care about: People I can safely say friends. Mind you its not a perfect world. And friends I have are not saints nor perfect. Like you and me they are human. Somehow and somwhat the I have become the Fox in the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella. I have been tamed and now I have my golden field moments - things and places now remind me of friends. But I am meandering.

As the day progressed. I find solace in writing. Welcome interruptions and breaks prevents the tedium of the long day. Lately, I discovered or rather I re-discovered that one can write several things both private and public. One can write a blog entry, a mail, a letter or even a testament-will.

Aside from wishes and settling of matters (In this regard I will probably leave everything to my nephews and leave somethings for persons close to ones heart [translation brothers and sisters one would wish to have]). The testament is a crystallized version of one’s epiphany and maybe a confession. I think it can be all things and more.

Karol was right about Wills and Testaments.

From Cubao X to Expo

Posted in Cubao, Observations and Notes by juned on the October 23rd, 2007


From X to Expo. back to its original name. Somewhat refurbished with some old and new shop. Its the place where Bellini’s is still king. This is the only Italian Restaurant, actually owned by an Italian and where the staff speak Italian (plus the food is good), where you can see a clock that displays Cubao time.It still has some of the shoe stores but it is more predominantly made up of restaurants, a chinese deli and several interesting shops.

This where you can find thrift and antique shops that you will find from time to time really cool old stuff, The definition of cool here will vary from person to person depending on age, sex and level of culture (LOL).Youcan find a lot of interesting cameras here, Coincidentally, there are also a lot of old game consoles there as well.

Aside from Bellinis a couple of the familiar stores are still like Datelines, which now sells pseudo mao caps from Marikina. And then there is Vintage Pop which is only open upon request.

It is just a short walk from Fiesta Carnival este Shopwise and Ali Mall.