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Bare Naked Media, Impeachment, and the Party List

Recently joined up with a few other bloggers to form … Bare Naked Media. Its tag “Ripping Philippine Media a new one”. The blog takes a look at Philippine Mass Media - newspapers, news programs, television shows, films etc etc … the whole kaboodle - through eyes bereft of rose-tinted glasses, with big gulp […]

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Holy Week 2006

I guess it was not that hot, the temperature did not reach sizzling levels on Maundy Thursday or on Good Friday. On the other hand, maybe we might have been lucky. During the Holy Week Vacation, this starts on Maundy Thursday (although some opt to take a vacation a few days earlier); Metro Manila’s population […]

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The Gospel of Judas

Is the Judas Codex or The Gospel of Judas heretical?
I was one among many who watched National Geographic’s Judas Gospel. The program details the journey of the Judas Codex from its discovery by an Egyptian Farmer to its present owner. Check the story at National Geographic News. The codex had a long journey, and its […]

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Frenzy and feeding frenzies

Frenzy is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as -

mental derangement; wild excitement or agitation
delirious fury - drive to frenzy ; infuriate

While THE NEW STANDARD English- Filipino Dictionary defines and translates Frenzy as -


Maybe this is a better term than panic to describe what happened at the Wowowee tragedy. Of course, panic would have followed […]

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Stampedes and chocolates

Two interesting posts about the Wowowee Tragedy, which led to the death of more than seventy persons and the injuries of hundreds.
Alecks Pabico at the PCIJ blog posted an informative article about the stampede entitled:
Panic-induced stampede aggravated by narrow exits, lack of exit and crowd control plans — scientists.
Sky at the white papers: stories […]

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