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Bare Naked Media, Impeachment, and the Party List

Recently joined up with a few other bloggers to form … Bare Naked Media. Its tag “Ripping Philippine Media a new one”. The blog takes a look at Philippine Mass Media - newspapers, news programs, television shows, films etc etc … the whole kaboodle - through eyes bereft of rose-tinted glasses, with big gulp […]

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Fun with Google Earth

My friend at Another Hundred Years Hence recently discovered that Google Earth has new high resolution maps of Metro Manila and selected areas in the Philippines. And he recently set-up a wiki focused on landmarks in the Philippines seen on Google Earth. I had fun with the maps and most of the people I know […]

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The Wand

I have been a fan of Atom Films for some time. Unfortunately, I failed to visit the site for sometime. Anyway a friend of mine recommended this short from Atom Films. A re-telling of the “invisible ring” story. Nicely done. What would you do if you were the person in the film. Enjoy
The […]

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Wiki and peanutbutter

Anyone interested in setting up a wiki?
For me its a fun way to keep notes and keep a database on-line. One of the e-groups I belong use it to compile a file of everyone in the group and some random notes. Its fun. And a handy thing to have, I set-up one and use it […]

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Statler & Waldorf are back

If you were a fan of the Muppet Show. You should check the Statler & Waldorf From the Balcony at Movies.Com . The two Old Codgers responsible for the funny but nasty remarks and the bane of Fozzie Bear is back and they do what they do best and they do it to the movies.
Movie […]

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