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Chiz Escudero: Bart Simpson?

Posted in Politico, Politics and Culture by juned on the November 14th, 2009

Chiz Escudero seems to be the proverbial Sphinx of Philippine politics at the moment. If not the or one of the youngest Senators of the Republic of the Philippines. Senator seems to be a far cry from the teenager who from time to time helped in his mother’s catering business. Yes, his mother, my mother – a group of them were actually m a catering business, Then the young Escudero would bring dishes and catering equipment to the house for storage or cleaning. We also came from the same school the University of the Philippnes Integrated School – formerly called UP High - UPIS.

Or has he? Let us get to this later

A group of bloggers had a chance to meet Escudero a few months ago at then the NPC House in Manila. And there he talked and was intervewed by more than twenty bloggers. What were my initial impressions meeting with Mr Escudero.

Escudero comes from a family of politicians His father Salvador Escudero was the Minister of Agriculture during the Marcos years and before that a Dean at UP College of Veterinary Medicine. Escudero the Elder never struck me as your typical politician. Dimunitive in heght he was soft spoken and stoic. He did not carry on like a male baboon, unlike other politiciann at that time. When h would go to UPIS, during graduation or meetings he did not come in with a big retinue. He was an unassuming man who it seemed earned great respect. This was Escudero the Elder.


One thing more about the UPIS that made a bit different from other high schools. Instead of the usual 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year high school students passed through grade7,8,9 and 10. And during the third yeats electves were introduced to help students specialize in their chosen field, For example those incliined towards pursuing a degree in science enrolled in science electives while those inclined towards literature or journalism could pursue electives that would prepare them for work and college. Of course the first two years were dedicated to the basics language, science, mathematics, arts & literaure and practical arts Perhaps this was what he pobably had in mind when suggesting to revamp the education process. Although he failed to convey this and probably added more to distantcing of and eventual hatred of a number of peole from local Intelligensia.

The son – Chiz seems more bragadocious. And during the talk with him it seems so. What was revealed during the meet and greet?

Chiz is married and has kids.
Chi lives in a condominum or town house
Chiz is not a bibliophile – he prefers reading business or technical books
Chiz goes to the movie to escape
Chiz drinks light beer
Chiz smokes

During the talk Chiz also revealed his political acumen. Talking, listening and giving points and arguments in the political discussion. It is hard not to see why there are people who like and follow Chiz Escudero and likewise it is hard not to see why there are people who hate and despise Chiz Escudero. From what I see, I do not think he will be the favorite of country’s intellectual caste nor the favorite of the political moral groups. But he has chosen to play to a different crowd. Yu can see it in the way he speaks - preferring the vernacular over english . If this was the Roman he would be aiming for Plebeian Tribune - although he does not come from the plebian class. This is just my opinion anyway. But whatever one says about him nothing will deny the fact that Escudero is poltical animal who knows how the game is played. Escudero will not be the puppet for any political kingmaker or will be drawn into a corner to be and eaten bit by bit - at least not just for nothing.

Escudero might just be the Bart Simpson of Philippine Politics.

Thus it comes as to no surprise his bolting from the PNC.

Whether it be money, belief or circumstances the decison was strategic. If the conditions are favorable he will commit if not then he will not be forced to be the the token Presidential candidate for the benefit of the party or any other candidate.

The Bart Simpson of Philippine Politics. Oh well lets see. Even Bart Simpson has his defeats and losses.