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How Harvard Street Cubao became Harvard Street

Posted in Cubao, Report by juned on the September 1st, 2009

The Sun has not shown its face yet. it is nearly quiet along Harvard Street and the only noise one can hear is the drone of the motorcycle passing by - probably bringing someone to Nepa Q mart or somewhere else. There is also the drone of the solitary car passing by somewhere - maybe across Columbia Street or Even New York Street.

Did you know that this part of Cubao used to be a Village a subdivision an enclave. My Grandfather after the war was one of the salesman of this village. According to him this was called University Village.

Hence, the name of the streets were taken from universities across the world. Our street was Harvard. My friend Gary lived along Columbia. Jaffee, the ex of my sister and father of my nephews living along Potsdam. And one way to get to the house was via New York.

I am not sure what University Village looked like back then. Like most of Cubao the roads were made of asphalt and had open canals. If you went to New Jersey across Edsa it would seem something like that.

There were not even the ubiquitous gates of the gated community to seperate the village from the rest of Cubao.Perhaps it was only a name.

Still that is how Harvard Street got its name.

I know hear the screeching the MRT train as it approaches Cubao. Soon the sound of the street cleaner can be heard and then the songs of the bird can be heard - before all is drawned by the cancophony of life fills Harvard Street again. Home.