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Smart’s Sandbox: Quo Vadis?

Posted in Opinion, Technology, blogging by juned on the May 22nd, 2009

I have been using Smart’s Sandbox for sometime and as I said in another post my main interest here is the use of sandbox as a platform for mobile blogging. Although Sandbox is a lot more than that it is a social media network, a forum, an email platform, a download site and more.

And in this it has many rivals there is Facebook, Gmail,Plurk, Twitter and others. So what will make let say a you or me switch from those mentioned platforms to Sandbox?

It has to be easier to register.
It has to be easier to log-in and log-out.
It has to be easier to use.

And to beat them others Sandbox has to be easier to use in a mobile environment: in your cellphone.

So does it do this?

I am reminded of a Shakespeare play where it is uttered, “I came to bury Caesar not to praise him”. So it is in this case I am not to sell Sandbox to you but to share my experience with it.

Sandbox is a work in progress. It is clunky to use in the mobile environment. I have known a lot of users who have problem logging in or even registering. The music download almost takes forever and probably ne of the few shining features it has is that the download of games is fast and reliable.

As a mobile blogging platform it has a lot of improvements to be done on it. The blog found in Sandbox and given to its registered user lacks:

(i)An RSS Feed for its blog.
(ii) Impossible to upload photos, videos and blog post via mms and sms.
(iii)The blog can only be accessed via the Internet

In fact its easier to maintain the Sandbox blog via a computer than from a mobile phone. So in essence one is not mobile blogging because you cannot blog from the phone but through the computer. And in this it fails utterly, decisively but fortunately not permanently.

And this is fortunate because SMART has a chance to change it and make it better. In my opinion Sandbox belongs to the mobile environment and it is there that it will make its fortune.

So sure join Sandbox but make sure to blog and send them feedback so that SMART can improve on this. Otherwise there is a Tagalog for this and the word is SAYANG/WHAT A WASTE.