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Robert’s Dreams

Posted in Story by juned on the May 19th, 2009

Roberto was watching the television.

Another politician on the the telly. Telling how great his city or agency: A town or agency with smiling and contented people. A smile that reminds one of those found in plastic toys and dolls. Something that is non-biodegradable: Something that is not of flesh and blood.

My XXX City/Organization is Great!
We are all happy here !
We wish the whole country would be like this!
Dont you?

Roberto changes channels and see a herd of presidentiables on tv trying to court the audience. Putting on the mask of concern, familiarity and leadership. All promising to be the Filipino Moses that will lead the Twelve Tribes to the Promised Land. Of course Moses never did enter the Promise Land and ended up dead elsewhere.

Politician: I am your friend
Politician: I will be there for you
Politician: I am compassionate
Politician: I am your leader

Roberto changes the channel and sees another ad this one a politician being a man of the people and another right after that another politician found himself or herself in the showbiz/entertainment news: one getting engaged to a celebrity.

Title: Mayor marrys Actress
Title: Mayor outraged at racist remarks

The things a politician will do to get elected.

All of them flooding the telly with news about themselves. Well at least one was different Governor So-and-So of the what if province was Roberto’s candidate/his candidate. He was Roberto’s candidate. The rest were just so predictable - The Governor was not.

The TV flickers . Roberto thought oh another round of commercials.

My XXX City/Organization is Great! Because the Mayor/President says so.
We are all happy here ! Because the Mayor/President says so.
We wish the whole country would be like this! Misery loves company so elect our Mayor/President
Dont you? /Ha ha


Politician: I am your friend: Vote for me!
Politician: I will be there for you: If it suits me: Vote for me!
Politician: I am compassionate: If the situation calls for it and there camera or tv crews about : Vote for me!
Politician: I am your leader: Der Fuehrer


Title: Mayor marrys Actress/Get more votes
Title: Mayor outraged at racist remarks?Good Copy Mentioned on National TV, yey!

A new Ad. Its Governor So-and-So: Creative truths, political machinery and deals work :)

The next day Roberto woke up facing the grey static of the television. It was just a dream.

Mr Take-Out

Posted in Story by juned on the April 5th, 2009

I have a friend named Noel who brought plastic containers, bags and rubber bands in his bag constantly. Now we were part of this club that met on a regular basis. And each time we had a meeting or party he would request the waiter to wrap up the left over to take home or as some would say take-out. And if it was a private function let say at a party or a meeting at home then his plastic containers would come in handy.

Noel would do this at every event and party.

At one party he had the misfortune of bringing home only rice.

One day.

Now there was an annual grand party of the club. It was held in one of those posh clubs in the city. And Noel was doing his thing … take-out. Giving instruction to the waiter to bag the remaining food. Unfortunately, not all the guests had arrived. And when they did arrive there was a shortage of food. The club had to order extra meals.

So the next meeting the Club President berated Noel. Noel of coures apologized but he did still go on his merry way and soon become known as Noel take-out. Although at official events of the Club he never asked the waiter for take-out.

And the club members also began joking him about his predilection or fondness of taking home food. Mr Take Home.

Olive the oldest member of the club who specialized in the care and propagation of Echinodorus sp. commented, “Surely you cannot regulate social behaviour; guests can just comment, joke, tease, ridicule and possibly avoid the boor but it is the host who can do something.”

So Noel became known as Mr take-out.

Boris the Pig

Posted in Story by juned on the March 24th, 2009

The Pigs of Balian decided to have a Pageant
It was a Pageant for Pigs and by Pigs
The best porcine would be known
The Pigs Pageant for the Pig Society

So they all met under the Mango Tree
They spoke of things and plans
They spoke of problems and obstacles
Most outspoken of all was Boris

Boris wanted this and Boris wanted that
Boris was for this and Boris was for that
Boris was the top pig of the lot

The other pigs began to grumble and mumble
But he was Boris the Pig and they let it be
How bad could it be they thought
Anyway there was the next meeting

So they all met under the Mango Tree
And again Boris was saying this and that
Announcing his plans for the grand night
And then Boris waved a contract with Ring Ding A Ling Entertainment Enterprises

“Wait a minute” said the other Pigs
“Boris you were not supposed to this
You do not even have our name on the contract”
But Boris just smiled and waved the legal paper

For lo and behold each pig had signed
Each one stamped and made proper it seems
“This cannot be”. said the other pigs
How can it be they asked?

A sham … a phony paper
A fake … a cheat
The Pigs all said in the same time
Boris the Faker, Boris the Cheat they cried

So they all met under the Mango Tree
The Pigs setting the final plans for the Pig Pageant
And where was Boris?
Boris the Pig, Boris the Faker … the cheat left