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Waltzing with Gloria

The other day I was reading Manolo Quezon’s article entitled “Going for Broke”. And I was reminded instantly of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Time Rice’s musical Evita.
Here is the link to Manolo Quezon’s article:
The Long View : Going for broke
First posted 01:06am (Mla time) Mar 30, 2006
By Manuel L. Quezon III
There is a scene in […]

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Lies, Lies and Statistics

Winnie Monsod’s opinion piece on Pulse Asia’s survey that came out mid-March is an intersting read. And it shows one can use statistical data to project a particular set of view turned around project another set of view.
My problem when I encounter surveys or polls in general fall to the following:
Methodology - the […]

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Dinky Winky Flash

Every Friday Dinky Winky would wear black
Against ex-friend GMA she would try a different tack
For protestations and ill-conceived motions did not lead to Arroyo’s resignation
Due to a dearth of public commotion against GMA’s administration
Dinky Winky thought it would be nice to try some flash protestations
Every Friday Dinky Winky would flash
With the Black & White troupe […]

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The Failure of EDSA

A few days after the declaration of the state of national emergency. A number of commentators seemed to be lashing out at its readers and perhaps looking for an epiphany as to why the general populace seems to be dis-interested in the ironical declaration of 1017 on the twentieth anniversary of People Power I.
When over […]

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The Querubin Paradigm? The Marine Corps as a Sphinx

There seems to be a standoff between at Marine Headquarter at Fort Bonifacio. The standoff which now includes Marine in full battle gear and with tanks and APCs. This seems to have resulted from the stepping down of Gen Miranda as Commandant of the Marines. It is still debatable whether the resignation of Gen Miranda […]

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