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Traffic and stress along Edsa

Posted in Observations, Opinion by juned on the April 15th, 2009

Traffic ….

Driving around Metropolitan Manila during the Holy Week was a breeze. Cubao to Manila Bay took around twenty minutes or so. It was fast and hassle free. the traffic seem to eased out just before Maundy Thursday. Traffic at EDSA was caused by the congregation of buses around the station. Different buses: air-conditioned and open-air buses: more than six different bus lines.

Things began to pile up after Black Saturday. Edsa began to regain its old face. Cars and Cars and Cars began to appear. The buses began to congregate and aggregate along the critical pressure points at Edsa.

Traffic was back. And back with a vengeance. Tuesday, The second day of he work the trip from Cubao to Makati via Tamaraw FX took more than an hour. A rather uncomfortable ride - confined to a space not much bigger than a dog house.

Stress level increases tremendously and exponentially with the humidity of Summer.

But what could be done?

1. Limit the number of cars and buses on the road? The sight of nearly empty buses and cars containing only the driver can be very tempting to advocate a ban or a law but will this work? Can this be enforced?

2. Widen the road? Very costly.

3. Work from home? This all depends on the company one works for and the business or industry one works in. It may or may not be possible and It may or may not work.

4. More trains. This might work or maybe bigger trains. The one used at Edsa is quite small compared to its cousin plying the Manila to Marikina line.

5. Flying cars and teleportation. Ah something in the realm of Science Fiction. One can imagine it will take a long time before it happens and one can also imagine the toll it would exact upon as when this is developed and used. In the case of teleportation, The potential problems of being disassembled and being re-assembled at the atomic level can be terminal.

6. Bicycle. A nice option if and only if there were seperate travel tubes. Paths ad protections for the bicyclist againts buses and even cars that could easily bump them from the road.

7. Live near your work place. Additional expenses. But sometimes considering the traffic and parking rates an alternative. For singles and a small family this would be a good option. But for large extended families this could be a problem.

8. Or sadly realize the only option practical and workable would be to leave early or travel during the off traffic hours. Leaving early has its advantages. Not as humid and you get to see the Sunrise.

It is an hour or so before day break. Time to leave for work.


Posted in Observations, Opinion by juned on the March 11th, 2009

A month ago I read about a billionaire who had fallen on bad days. His business empire was crumbling. Creditor were bothering him about his loans. One could just imagine the stress he was under.

He ended his life.Despite the fact that he still had a number of assets left.

A few weeks after I was watching a documentary about the First Great Wall Street Crash. Fortunes were wiped out. Common people and celebritied like Groucho Marx and Winston Churchill lost a fortune on the Stock Market. There were even those jumped to their death.

The bubble just burst and made a nunmber of Humpty Dumpy people fall. Its not a pretty sight. In fact it is a depressing sight to behold. At one point when such tragedy strikes in a stock market or in a business those doomed to suffer the full brunt of the economic and financial disaster seems to have been frozen in their tracks. The deer caught between an incoming car about to end its life.

This near catatonic state is doubly tragic when it happens to a person close to you a friend or family member.

One is forced to do measures or things to save the situation. It is not an easy task … but it has to be dpme

Fortunately there is such a thing as the Dandy Lion Break. Time for one.


Posted in Observations, Opinion by juned on the February 18th, 2009

It is rush hour and the train/tube station is packed with people. You are a commuter on your way home. Suddenly over the PA system a countdown is heard. You look around to see train officials explain what it is. However, they seem to exhibit the same expression a deer has when it sees the headlights of the car. Probably the last thing it sees. The Train people has this sort of look.

Then as the count end nearly four thousand people inside the station start to dance. But there is no music. Oh my they are wearing earpieces and headphones:They are listening and dancing to the music from their digital music player.

The dancing only stops after two hours.

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a flash mob. And it happened in the United Kingdom - Victoria Station to be exact. The amazing thing about it was this was arranged and set in motion via the Internet.

Here is one report about what would be known as of now as the biggest Flash Mob event in the UK.

An the antics are not limited to one act alone. It could be anything from meeting inside a department store and asking for a bed that would fit all participants. Or inside a mall participants would just freeze. Any bizarre act that would get attention will do.

Of course there are people who would fine this irritating. Then there are people who would find this corny and some would find this fun - which it is at least on purpose.

I guess it is so effective that it is also being used now for marketing and promotion. Two weeks ago. I saw such an activity at Market, Market. Flash Mob purists would most probably argue that it is not a flash mob. However, whatever it is or whatever it may be called (perhaps flash marketing r flash promotion) it still is amusing. Althouhg it may still need some polishing.

In order to get the attention of the people it needs more people or get in a more visible formation.

In order to surprise people maybe more subtle and economic way of communicating with the players.

In the end it has to be amusing and fluid. And perhaps that is the challenge for enterprises using this to do some flash promotion or flash advertising.

Reaction of bystanders at the recent Flash Mob/Flash Advertising at Market! Market!