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The Tale of Two Posts: Andanar and the Senate Press Corps

Today this particular news piqued my interest. This is actually an off-shoot of presscon of retired cop who admitted he killed upon the orders of then Mayor Duterte. This was a dramatic reversal because months before and during a senate … Continue reading

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#ALLMEDIAPH: Forum on PH Social Media and the Policy on Social Media

Netizens and social media scholars should find this interesting. In summary here are the specifics.Diacloure — I am currecntly a senior media consultant of the event’s host PCOO. Here are the specific details of the event What: #ALLMEDIAPH – Summit … Continue reading

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DU30 Log: The President’s speech at the PMA

This will be probably remembered as the event where the President walked instead of riding a white carabao provided for him. A wise decision. If that happened it would look ridiculous and would probably become an object of ridixule, Here … Continue reading

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