Petty Bureaucrats in Business, Government and Civil Society

In general bureaucrats are decent both in private practice, government service and is civil society. On the whole they are helpful and amicable people to be with Chtis, Torsten, Allison, Roy and Esther people I worked for and under while I was in a multinational company were strict but fair and they had empathy for their employees. The same can be said for the present people working at the UP Science Society Program, College of Science, University of the Philippines. You find similar people like Francis, Armi and Des at the Manila Ocean Park and Mr/ Karl Galing and the other people at the World Bank. Unfortunately, I have experienced glaring exceptions to these examples. And you might have met them yourself or will meet them as you go about your business of living.

The Sloth and the Irresponsible

A petty bureaucrat whose laziness has caused the endless delays of people getting the necessary things they need and worse cause them to not get their salaries. Reimbursement is one thing, One can understand why there has to be a long tedious process but salary and compensation. This is unforgivable. Even with the red tape a diligent official or officer can make sure that salary and compensation be given on time. Unfortunately, when the number of sloths increase the delay in getting salaries and compensation increase. Institutions like the World Bank and other companies have a standard policy that states when they would release payment and gives a specific number of business/working days to process payment. Sadly, though this is not implemented or practiced by all. Freelancers and consultants have become victims to payment delays not in days or weeks but months and years. I know of a and experience this from transformative PR firm that this seems to be a standard practice. At present I am also experiencing this with a certain grant giving body. Again even with the red tape a diligent officer or official can make sure that salary and compensation be given on time otherwise the reputation of the or ganisation he or she works is diminished and ruined in the eyes of those working for them.

The Bean Counter

A petty bureaucrat who values the rules so much so that it affects your job.This anal obsessive who has a misplaced set of values and fails to look beyond the blinders of iis self righteousness that it affects the moral of work and usually discourages people from working for their business.

The Muckraker

This petty official like Shakespeare Iago is liar of the first degree who hears things and say a different thing in order to malign the person and in the process benefit himself or herself. Those unwary of their wiles will find themselves trapped in a web of deceit unable to get out. The muckraker will almost 100 percent betray the same institution he is working for if it benefits him.

The Tyrant

This petty officer due to his power within the organisation likes to abuse his power. This blackguard’s action include bulling, coercion and power tripping. From time to time he may ask you to do non-related tasks he can do himself. This Titan of the Minnows is a poor excuse for human being, most likely compensating for an inferiority complex or he could just be one sick mother,

The Genius

This a petty bureaucrat who likes to hear the sound of his voice and probably has a recording of it and listens to it from time to time. The problem with this one is that he thinks he is competent for the task, any task and this is usually a formula for disaster. And when the project fail guess who is going to be the fall guy?

Relatives are well Relative

The source of jokes and derogatory acronyms have been said about the sons and daughters of owners, but in general most are capable and responsible. However, there are some that are really bad examples of humanity and will most likely fall into the types that have been mentioned.

So how do you deal with such horrible and stress giving people: Petty Horrible Bosses that plague the lives they work with. And despite the law and the proverbial company handbook the will be there. So unfortunately, you have to be tactful, cunning, patient and decisive at thee same time. It also helps if you have other sources of income – but not a PONZI scheme please.

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