The Cleanest Water in Manila Bay is in Manila Ocean Park

During the Holy Week break the police took great pains to cordon off Manila Bay from bathers hoping to seek respite from the heat. This was because the bay is heavily polluted: if you took a dip you would get sick. I often wondered how Manila Ocean Park was able to use the water of the bay, or did they ferry in water from outside of the metro or did they mix seawater mix. Recently, I took on the job as consultant and blogger for the Manila Ocean Park Blog, I was able to look into this. And yes MOP is using the water from Manila Bay but before it is used in the oceanarium it undergoes several stages of filtration and recycling. MOP calls it the LSS or Life Support System. It is a multiple stage filtration, management and fish health system designed to make the oceanarium denizens thrive.

As a aquarium hobbyists or aquarists we simply call it a filtration system but the term filtration system does not really give justice to what it does. A friend in Australia called it the Aquarium Support System but lets refer to it instead as the Life Support System or LSS and it basically achieves four things:

Physical Filtration: Filters out physical waste
Chemical Filtration: Filters out chemical waste
Bacteriological Filtration: Filters out harmful bacteria and pathogen
Biological Filtration: Filters out or converts biological waste

Manila Bay Water before it is introduced into the oceanarium gets cleaned in the four different stages. And as it enters the oceanarium the same type but different filter systems now designed for maintaining water clean within the oceanarium. And parts of the recycled water are eventually returned to Manila Bay.

MOP actually has a tour that shows how the LSS works and is available upon request, And here is video further explaining the LSS.

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