Seven Lessons and Warnings from the Fallen SAF 44

First, Responsibility falls on where Responsibility Lies. It does not matter how much spin or scapegoats will be led to the Desert at the Altar of Public Opinion. It is inescapable. It does not end at door step of the Commander in the Field, but to those who planned, facilitated and approved this military disaster. This goes ultimately to the President, his Presidency and his Legacy.

Second, People will choose what they want to believe for whatever purpose they might have. There will be an endless line of fellow travellers and useful fools ready to supply the point of view to justify, condemn and deflect the issue. In the end though one irrefutable thing they cannot spin nor craft is the dead bodies of this massacre.

Third, The Tragedy of Mamasapano is closely followed by the Circus of Politicians willing to milk and make use of this issue to make their presence known and further their own agenda – in aid of Legistation becomes in aid of Promotion: Self Promotion. Of course, There are a number who seem to be genuinely interested in knowing the truth and there are instances where a public lashing is welcomed by the Public. But the tragedy in the latter is that this maybe the only justice that can be inflicted upon those modern day satraps and commanders who play with human lives as if they are mere pieces on Chess board.

Fourth, Incompetence, Stubbornness and the Absence of Empathy can be as fatal as Corruption and will undo Government and its Nation.

Fifth, Propaganda and Spin can only go so far to correct a mistake. There are times you have to accept the Truth, endure the consequences and learn from the mistakes committed.

Sixth, While initially there is no problem with memorialising the Fallen Heroes, To memorialise them; then fail to get Justice and Learn is a moral lapse and a fatal error. Monuments, Presidential Decrees and Laws are half efforts and not enough. Justice needs to be served: Those responsible must be made to pay.

Seventh, There is no argument that Peace is much desired but what is wanted is and what is best is Peace not Appeasement. Pass a law and implement a political deal that will give partial legal, economic, cultural, financial and political autonomy but not foreign relation, military and police autonomy. One Country, One Foreign Policy, One Police Force and One Armed Forces. Otherwise, Down the road we risk precipitation of conflict and violence brought about by Balkanization.

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