Seven Thoughts on Blogging

I have been a blogger for several years. It can probably best said that I was one of the early Filipino Bloggers who saw the start of blogs being used for PR and Marketing. Memories of countless invites for gadgets, restaurants, telcos, politicians and even cervical counter come to mind. Raffles and freebies from pens, GCs and even airline ticket comes to mind. Two vital roles were played here the host and the guests. The guests were of course the bloggers, while the hosts were the business owners, the politicians, their teams and of course the PR and Marketing companies. This was nothing new, as the bloggers found out, members of the Press and Media were also invited. It is interesting to look how blogging has feared years after this initial encounter. Nowadays, one learns of a blogger who solicited a gadget from a tech company; a blogger who blackmailed a business; a blogger who crashed an event or one who without permission bought other bloggers; and even one blogging with another for an invite, a freebie or raffle. And such news come from the circle of bloggers, PR, Marketers and those engaged in the digital world. Anyway, hearing and learning of such things made one look back and form seven notes about blogging.

One, I believe blogging is not limited to event blogging and lifestyle blogging. It still is a wide universe of blogs and in different forms. Lifestyle or event bloggers only populate a certain niche.

Two, Blogging is not new. At present there are more ways to spread the news and the carry the point across. On Facebook one can post almost anything. On twitter you can post and easily exchange comments. On Instagram you can easily show what your Outfit of the Day is and even what you had for lunch. On Youtube you can share your video and broadcast. There are more channels now to create and distribute opinion and news.

Three, Still there are bloggers. Those who need a venue to express their sentiment – whether to share news; deposit one’s thought; blog for personal and even artistic reasons; those who blog to impress or compel others; and bloggers who do it for material gain. A blog provides a venue for one’s idea unchained from the rules of the other platforms.

Four, Blogs have become the platform of media. Nearly all newspaper,TV and radio website on a blogging platform – whether it is wordpress, drupal, joomla or any other blogging platform,

Five, Anyone who has Internet Connection and a Gadget can still blog. It is an independent means of publishing your thoughts and works.

Six, What bloggers do in their blogs is their business with the understanding that the blogger is ultimately the one responsible for his or her actions – whether it be on-line or off-line: in a blog post or one’s action on Facebook or one’s behavior and dealings in the Real World. The bloggers will harvest the fruits of what they have planted: Whether if it be strife from Dragon’s Teeth or Rice from Palay it is because of their action online and off-line.

Seven, The environment decried of abuse by certain bloggers is actually a direct creation of PR and Marketing working for businesses and individuals. This environment fosters the abusive behavior of soliciting, gate crashing and even blackmailing. While it might be helpful to have a shame campaign against offending bloggers, It is also worthwhile to alter the way of doing things in order to spread a message on-line. Do not feed the troll: Do not entertain and feed the abusive blogger.

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