Christmas 2014: Peace!

It is Christmas Day. The family has gone out to Mass. Thirdee my nephew left with the rest of the family And I am left here, inside my flat inside the family compound, typing away at this blog post. Somehow writing this down seems to have a meditating effect, even as the first Bridget Jones film is showing on the telly. I can hear the pot roast slowly cooking as I type on the computer. Last night we had sushi and sashimi for Noche Buena, as Thirdee and I watched the film Chef. We did not have paella nor turkey like we used to have: These were just one of things missing this Christmas. My father passed away a few months ago. This was the first Christmas without my Dad. And in between that many things have happened and challenges have come up. I would say it was not really happy but not an unhappy Christmas for us.

First, Although my Dad is gone he has left us his love and memories. In our hearts and minds he still lives and advises us on what to do when a challenge comes up. You see our father was a patient and good man.

Second, The challenges that has come our way whether a financial one or an illness … are well for lack a better term challenges and this means they can be overcomes or circumnavigated. Tolkien was right when he said there are forces for good working in our world.

Third, The appeal and charm of material things lose their charm when one reaches a low. It is just not as important as consumerism magic paint them to be. A phone is just a phone; A camera is just a camera; and a laptop is just a gadget. Dr Seuss was correct when he said Christmas cannot be bought at a store.

Fourth, Christmas has always been about people and kindness – the person next to you: the person beside you: the person far from you and the person in you.

Fifth. Christmas is beyond Noche Buena. It is the family gathered together.

Sixth, Christmas is a time of recollection and reflection. Counting our blessings – both for wishes granted and un-granted (If you pause and consider there might be a reason why your desire is not granted, mainly because it might be your bane as well.

Seventh, Christmas is about doing good and I am not talking about doing something and then posting it on Facebook, Instagram or promoting it on television. Its more than that. It is a 24-7 thing you do: Doing good now and to the person you are with.

Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth and Goodwill To All!

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