An Alternative Track

My first introduction to a technical school was a story about a young Austrian, with aspirations of being artist,who took a qualifying exams for Higher Education. His rests came back and the recommendation was that he should go to a technical school. In Germany at that time there were two tracks of higher learning the could best be described as to my understanding the University and Technical Schools. The German education system realised the need for two tracks of learning.

A week ago I was invited to chat with the founders of Electron College of Technical Education (formerly known as Electron Technical Vocational Training Center). It was preparing for its anniversary and the talk shed light on what urban-based Technical Institutes and Colleges are offering to the present Philippine Community of Learners. These include:

Information Technology
Automotive/Engine Technology
Electronic Technology
Tourism-Hospitality and Restaurant Services
Electronic and Welding Technology
Wellness and Fashion Technology

If the Technical School and College were not in an urban setting the courses offered would be different.

Here we can see clearly how the needs of the times: What services people pay for dictate the shape of curriculum. In a sense it is seems to be one of the descendants of the Guild, where aside from safeguarding the interest of its members; it also imparts knowledge and skill from masters to apprentices. And its happening formally in institutions like Electron.

Another set of qualities that technical schools and colleges have that make it an alternative track is of course cost and duration of courses. Compared to universities the courses offered are relatively more affordable around 1/4 to 1/10 the cost. And aside from the array of courses, there semestral, and there are short term classes offered. Prospective students can also opt to stay-in. And for those who would have a problem with places to stay, There are stay-in arrangements.

In the end this does provide an alternative track for those who would want it. The needs of our civilisation and the need to earn money drives it. The same reasons there are Universities, Institutions, Colleges and School. In the end it would be interesting to see how Electron would develop in the coming fifty years or so.

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