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I live in Cubao. At least it’s what they call the place. I am one of seven. No I  do not my brothers and sisters. I was born in this world at the back of a water can. My father , well i am not sure who my father was. They said he was defeated in a fight and left the area. Still I am lucky, I was adopted by an Old Man and lived in his house. Along with others like me. I think he likes our company. I rarely venture outside the house. You see there are a pack of dogs that roam Harvard and they hunt us down. One has to be careful. It is not a gentle world we live in. – Chocopie

Chocopie is a cat and Chocopie live as in Cubao. He is lucky because the old man adopted him. Chocopie is a problem in nearly every city, town and barangay in the Philippines … in the world. How do you solve this problem of over population of cats and dogs? One solution is to offer spay and neuter services at affordable rates. And the organisation CARA does this by opening a clinic in Malate that offers this service at affordable rates. And they also have an adoption program, if you are looking for pet cats and dogs.

CARA in a nutshell

A CARA Kitten

CARA was established in 2000. It is a non-profit and non-government organisation and its Mission and Vision are:
• Reduce pet overpopulation through our low cost spay/neuter clinic
• To promote Trap/Neuter/Return
• Provide veterinary consultations for low income pet owners/li>
• Educate citizens, organisations & barangays about animal welfare and the rights of animals
• Promote compassion for animals and responsible pet ownership
• Prevent cruelty and abuse to animals
Provide caring and responsible homes for our members rescues through our adoption program

CARA is not an animal shelter. There is a limited space for the rescued and spayed cats and dogs. One of the more well known story they got involved in was the fate of more than two hundred pit bulls rescued from a syndicate that was involved in dog fighting. Instead of killing the pit bulls. CARA was able save and care for them and most who have been rehabilitated are now open for adoption.

In a world where corruption and cruelty it seems easy to slide into an overly jaded point of view and also be fixated with the “big” problems that beset us. In the process overlooking other things. Looking at CARA’s work and advocacy reminds there are other things that we should take look at and act upon. So, If you inclined to help or interested in CARA, here are their contact details:

Adoption: adoption@caraphil.org
Sponsorship: sponsorship@caraphil.org
Membership: membership@caraphil.org
Events/Media: events@caraphil.org

CARA clinic:  caraclinic@gmail.com

CARA Clinic: Address and Contact Details

?2365, Singalong St. Malate

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