DOTC to Plate or Not Plate: Clearer Guidelines Needed

The Department of Transportation and Communication is one of the most unenviable department of government because you are the one regulating motorists and motorists love their freedom. And as in all government pronouncements it should be short, sweet and crystal. This is seen in the recent reaction to what is known as the DOTC’s Joint Administrative Order 202014 – in particular the pronouncement on clear license plate.

The DOTC had good intentions in 202014. The basic problem was it seemed to be sending mixed message. For one it was first viewed that the order covered all license plates, which resulted in car owners removing their license plate covers. Then it was clarified that it only covered new license plates. Unfortunately, critics pointed out that 202014 was ambiguous on this. Leaving a number of motorists at an awkward state, to do or not to do. And more cynical quarters point out this ambiguity could lead to abuses. Something the DOTC and DOTC does not like.

The DOTC needs to further clarify this issue. For everyone’s Peace of Mind.

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