S30- 01162014

When I heard the news I saw the Gorgon’s head;
A cloud of blue Picasso fugue descended upon my forehead;
You are now gone to this world and one where Facebook could never reach;
At least now you are happy in the field of Reeds beyond the breach;
Our friendship had its ups and downs …
Yet come what may and come what might you never failed to send word across the town;
Those were the times we talked about breaking bread and meeting like the olden days;
Yet it only came to be during the I visits in the house of healing where you stayed;
But now you are gone … Snatched by Death;
And I only have ephemera and memories …
But these ephemera and memories made of diamond and gold;
Also I am happy for one thing your suffering is gone;
And now you are starting a new journey and adventure;
Armed with a heart as light as a feather you will fare well;
Goody bye Good bye Good Friend Farewell! Farewell!
Till we meet in the land of Elsewhere Farewell! Farewell!

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