I Lost My Wallet This Christmas

I lost my wallet this Christmas 2013;
Oh well I said to myself thats it, it is gone boo hoo;
What a way to celebrate Christmas and end the year snif snif
Bills, bad news and now this bah humbug!
A few moments later someone called and said they found my wallet, yipee!
They found my number in the newly minted ID I got from my new work, Ding Dong!
And here i was about to descend into a blue fugue;
As the wise Durant once said our life is like a river between two banks;
Only we tend to notice the side where the newsy and exciting stuff happens;
The other we tend to ignore and sometimes take for granted;
Both are part of us, the latter no better than the other
And despite my complainints from time to time;
I must give thanks for it is still a fortunate life;
Anyway a greetings of sorts this Yuletide Season:
Peace and Goodwill to All:
And with a ho ho ho and not a bah hambug here is to a Joyeux Noel: Merry Christmas!

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