The 2013 Election and The Town’s Pan De Sal

Somewhere in the Philippines:

“What do you thnk of the 2013 elections?”
“Well it was as expected … I mean the results were as expected.”
“What about results?”
“I heard it was exactly 60 – 30 – 10, in nearly all the precincts.”
“Law of Large Numbers”
“That early?”
“And the Spearman Rank?
“What do you think?”
“I remember this particular bread.

Once there was a town neither near nor far.for some reason it was just close enough to most towns but it was not. Now the people of the town were for the most part not really different from people you would find in any town. Nothing different save for their devotion, their fanaticism for the bread of the old bakery near the Town Plaza.

The bakery was right beside the church. It was probably as old as the church. But some believed it was there even before. Now the bakery had two big windows. Now if you were going to look at the first window what you would see was the bakery ahop floor, where they sold their pan de sal.

On the second window you could see the bakery itself. The baker working at his bakery. The bread made. It was their that Old Juan the Baker mixed, kneaded and baked the bread. Everyday without fail bread was made.

Then the old baker died. For three days the bakery was closed. But what good was the town without its favorite and famous pan de sal and its bakery. Eventually the bakery opened again and the Town was excited. But this time it was different. The first window opened up to modern looking area with bright lights and pretty little things. And now at the second window what could be seen was a big rectangular machine with a lot bells and whistles. When it was turned on you could see buttons light up, smoke puff out, and whistles actually blow. At the ebd you could see bag come out already with pan de sal.

It was new and innovative and the Town liked it. Then they bought and ate the pan de sal. It was different they all agreed. And not so good as the pan de sal made by the old baker.

The Town Folks wondered why this was so.

“Maybe they used a different dough”
“No they bake the pan de sal too high”
“No too low”
“They are using chemicals and other stuff”
“They got the wrong recipe”
“They use cheap ingredients”
“It is hard to be sure if you cannot see what is happening.”

And at that the Town Folks all agreed and from then a law was passed requiring all bakeries to make their kitchen open for everyone to see.

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