Star Trek Into Darkness: What is not to like. :)

The problem when a Trekkie gets to watch a Star Trek film is two-fold. First, You tend to compare it with what has been done before. Second, You expect to be shown something new: something refreshing. And the latest film from the Star Trek franchise – Star Trek Into Darkness does not disappoint.

We find Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty et al overcoming the obstacles and the villain that they come across the known universe. The film has its shares of homages and tributes to The Original Series and the films. Enough to satisfy the Trekkies and the Trekkers. The temptation or trap here is for the film makers to simply retell the story, but it does not. And that is why it is still interesting and everything brought in has a use in the story. The tribbles are not a problem with this movie.

The film itself while doing these things does not rely or please the fans alone. Viewers will find that it, the film, can stand on its own legs. A newcomer can come in and watch the film and would not find himself lost in Trekville.

Abour the Villain and Villains

Much has been speculated about this movie, in particular the villain. Is he or is he not from Fantasy Island? Aside from the Tribbles, Harry Mudd and General Chang he must be my favorite character from the movie and the series. I think that is one of the reason a number of people will go to watch Into Darkness.

Well you have to pay the ticket to find out.

Suffice to say this is one of the better Star Trek films I have seen and worth watching again.

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