Election Precinct Mapping last weekend

A sense of Deiavu came over as we gathered at the Springboard Room at the Smart Jump Center last April 20, 2013. We had done this before years ago for the last election. And here we are again.

What we did yesterday

Why do it?

Apr 20, 2013, 4:43 PM
Mapping an election precinct using the big screen at the Springboard Room at the Smart Jump Center at Mega Mall

Partly because it was fun. We were there with friends. Partly because the Internet speed at the Smart Jump Center was really fast both the LTE and the Pldt Fiber. Partly because there were t-shirts and things from Google. And more importantly because this was one way to help the 2013 National Elections.

And it is easy to do.

1. Just go to the site (http://www.findyourprecinct.ph/).
2. Click to help people go to their precinct.
3. Type in the city or place you know.
4. Check a precinct and pin it on the map.
5. And Save

Here is a set more detailed of instructions () from Aileen Apolo-de Jesus of Google.

And you can do it from the comfort of your home or whatever you can be comfortable.

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