The Ups and Downs of Talking On the Internet

Both Juliet and Romeo discovered the Internet and its wonders nearly at the same time. They met online. Then their Facebook status said it all that needed to be said – in a relationship. And that was it. It was their first time to be in a relationship. They would chat and exchange messages online. All seemed fine until one day trouble landed on their paradise. During one a conversation Romeo failed to answer the question of Juliet. This sparked a disagreement between the two lovers which … lets get back to that later.

I have a friend who is a communication jumper. Whenever we talk remotely the conversation jumps from twitter to facebook to text messages and then to facbook again. OneAnd unfortunately he does no know how to send a direct message on twitter. In our time, i to be connected means learning about how to use several platforms and devices. A far cry from the time one placed calls at the nearest phonebooth or having a party line. Even the term telebabad has come to mean a different thing babad na sa teleserye and not babad sa telepono.

There are times also that one has to have the patience if Job just to wait for some to reply and then there are those who do not even answer – like what happened to our Juliet and her Romeo.

This patience is then tested again when somebody starts an online conversation at the most ill-opportune time. Oh the trials and tribulations. It is no wonder then that a numberof people seem to have gone busy or invisible.

But I still love the Internet:

I like the talk in the Internet Age.
I like the fact you can talk to friends and family across a block or across the Seas through
I like the fact that you can talk, argue and debate through twitter.
I like you can have talk on gtalk

You just have to deal with the quirks.

Our Juliet and Romeo overcame the problem. and what was the cause? The Internet connection went kaput – typical Internet problems.

Eight Point to Consider When Talking on the Net: The Net Conversation Beatitudes

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