Aquino and his Sinfonia Eroica

There is the story about how The composer Beethoven wrote a symphony for Napoleon … But in the end did not. According, to the story the symphony was finished – title and all – sitting on top of the table and then news reached him that Napoleon had declared himself Emperor. In rage, Beethoven tore the title page of the symphony apart. Thus the story about that particular symphony ended. It came to be known as Sinfonia Eroica for those interested.

As the Second Aquino Presidency ages, as those before it there is reasonable expectation of a rise in the disillusioned and the disgruntled. There is howver, a point where a definitive rise could be seen. In the case of Gloria Arroyo it was the Hello Garci scandal that began the downfall, a slow downfall. And now with Aquino it might be the cybercrime act or Republic Act No. 101751 and the subsequent handling before the public.

101751 , on hindsight for some, was signed at the most in appropriate moment: It was signed by Aquino during the week of the anniversary of Martial Law. It was signed without the passage of the Freedom of Information Act nor the decriminalization of libel. It was signed by President Aquino whose family had been seen by a number of people or for worse the paladin and martyrs of democracy. And the subsequent handling of the furor online further worsened the situation. Allies and speakers of the President challenging the fury against the law and at the same time announcing that the President’s party would be using social media to campaign for the election – good luck with that. Such things complicated and enflamed further the anger against the bill – a President’s cousin and senate candidate felt that anger when he posed a question about the bill on a social media site.

However, the most tragic loss for this President was when his online supporters evaporated because of the bill and its handling. One could observe the disbelief at what had happened. One could see the disgust rise as the spin and stonewalling began. And one could feel the anger at the betrayal. In the end these people had gone from being the defenders of Aquino to his critics.

These were the people who had supported him during his candidacy. These were the people who had stood up to the President’s critics. Now their numbers are diminished.and this is one of the greatest loss for the President and the Government.

Beethoven said it best, “So he is no more than a common mortal! Now, too, he will tread under foot all the rights of man, indulge only his ambition; now he will think himself superior to all men, become a tyrant!”

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