What is the State of the Nation ?

There once was a man who has a fine mane of hair. Now the man was not that young anymore but neither was he that old and this reflected in the state of his hair which had both grey and black hair. Now it just so happened that the man got married to his second wife and he took her to his house to live with his family, his mother and his first wife. Now the was not a problem since the law and his belief allowed him to do this and both women were contented with the arrangement. The First Wife was as old as the husband while the Second Wife was half the age of the husband but this was not the problem, as I said both the First and the Second Wife were content with the arrangement. The husband divided his time equally between the two.

Now sometime during the hours spent with the First Wife the husband would let the First Wife combed his hair and during this time the First Wife would pluck out all the black hair of the Husband. On the other hand, During the hours spent with the Second Wife, the husband would have his hair combed as well and during the process the Second Wife would pluck our his gray hair.and so it came to pass and after some time that the Husband who had a a fine mane of hair had become bald. And he was so much saddened that he went to his Mother and cried.

The plight of the Husband reminds me of the plight of the present government. While it cannot be argued that there has been progress, in terms of the country’s economic and political condition. It cannot be forgotten that there has been (i) problems; (ii) there are many things left to be done; and (iii) in the process one , the Benigno Aquino Government must make it stand clear.

The Benigno Aquino presidency cannot afford to be the husband with two wives on certaim issues.

Ironically, the Philippines which often talks about the Rights and Freedom of its People; and who from administration to administration has trumpeted its transparency and campaign against corruption has failed to pass the required law much needed to alllow the People access to how their taxes are spent – the Freedom of Information Act.

Ironically, the Philippines which often boasts of the most free press in Asia still has a libel law that imposes criminal punishment -a vestige from its Colonial past, where it was used to suppress the heroes and revolutionaries of the republic.

Ironically, the Philippines whose Leaders use the word democracy, Freedom and Human Rights in their speeches has not signed a United Nation Resolution on Internet Freedom and has placed itself on the opposite side of the fence.

Is the present Government trapped between what it wants and what it says it wants?

Is there a difference ?

What does it truly desire?

What does it truly represent?

Does it act more readily on personal and political expediency and exhibit a sluggards pace towards specific issues – FOI, Decriminalizing Libel, Internet Freedom and the Massacre of journalists ? Paying lip service to all but not acting on it ?

They were able to muster all resources and more to impeach a Chief Justice but not to pass legislation they themselves marked as important? And what about the case against the biggest massacre of journalists in history?

Yes, there has been improvements -improvements because of the Aquino Government and the government before it, but there are still important things that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, It will all be for nothing.

Ano angsilbi ng walang wang-wang kung walang tuwid na daan?

What is the State of the Nation?

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