To Be Funny is Human

One best things that can happen to a person is to stumble across something wonderful. It could be sight of the Sun rising early in the morning drowning the world in a candy orange light or the approach of rain as it pitter patter across steel roof as it increases in strength reaching a level that it seems lie the raindrops have reached over a million in chorus. It makes your lip move upwards and make dimples appear on your face : It makes you smile: It makes you happy. And if you are funny a sound comes out of you – laughter.

Laughter is good for the person. It is good for us. It raises our endorphin level and we literally breath life. People who laugh often age better. In India they use laughter as a means to promote good health. And believe it or not A man once cured himself of an illness by watching comedies.

I love comedies whether it is a cartoon, tv show, a comic strip, a film, a comedy act, a caricature, a song or the written word.

Whenever I get frustrated or angry usually a comedy is a nice pill to fix it. TheThree Stooges and Loony Tunes are often good for such cases. The antics of Curly trying to eat clam soup and misadventures of Daffy Duck against a mystery animator never fails to amuse. It is also a very useful weapon in ridiculing the mighty, the proud and the tyrants among us. Hitler is reduced to putty in the Gremlins from the Kremlin. Corporate Evil, embodied in Montgomery Burns, and Politicians are parodied in the Simpsons and in the UK Yes Ministerm Black Adder and Monthy Python. Closer to home our own bosses and families are parodied in shows like the Office, Outsourced, and the Big Bang Theory.

It is also good way of telling a story and to bring a point across as in cult classic the Princess Bride, Bowfinger and the sketches of Monthy Python. One can only wish that shows like Sic O Clock News and Abangan Ang Susunod na Kabanata or Kwentong Kutsero would fo back on air although Bubble Gang I think is doing a good job. Comedy is a commentary on us and our society that makes us laugh, At least most of us.’

One of my favorite shows at the moment is Modern Family. It is about the lives of a muticultural and extended family in the United States. Most of laughs come from cultural misunderstanding, situational comedies and misadnebtures of the differnt characters. It is funny and it has a ring of truth in it. It is a comedic snapshot of life as it happens.

Modern Family Trailer on Youtube

Another is a Spanish film called Fuera de Carta or Chef’s Special. The story is set in Spain where Maxi a restaurant owner and chef of a struggling fine dining restaurant must contend with the different things happening in his life at the moment. The appearance of his children from his past marriage, a love triangle between himself, his friend Alejandra and Horatio the ex-soccer player and if you have not yet guessed yet he is gay. It differs from other gay movies in that it takes a look at how Spanish society view gays without going through the predictable motion of a number of gay movies. So much so the viewer is allowed to ramble across the movie enjoying it, showing a point of view and in the end let all characters grow.

In a way it is similar to Four Weddings and a Funeral; Noting Hill and Love Actually.

I cannot imagine a world without comedy.

Chaplin, the Three Stooges, Bugs Bunny, Dolphy and Panchito; Shrek; Dexter; Johhny Bravo; Rowan Atkinson; and Jim Parsons are comedians and comic figures I share with my nephews. It is one of those common bonds we have. And it is not limited to that one of topic of conversation between friends is the sharing of favorite comic episodes and stories. Comedy and humor is one of the essential parts of our humanity and something worth doing and engaging in.

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