Thomas More on Corona, Aquino and Arroyo

The Man For All Seasons was a play, was a movie,was a man and the man’s name was Thomas More. He was a lawyer, statesman and to Roman Catholics a martyr of the Faith and a Saint. He was Henry the VIII’s chancellor and Henry also had him executed. We were told because this was because he refused to renounce his Faith. Many consider him the patron saint of lawyers.

In the film, More had an argument with his son-in-law about getting rid of Henry VIII through means beyond the Law. More said something like this you would cut the law to get to the Devil. What would you do if the Devil turns on you, what law will protect you ?

The Law, however imperfect it maybe is there to protect us and not only the Devil – may he or she be incarnate or perceived.

It is good news of sort that the present crisis between the judiciary, the Chief Justice, and the Executive the President, is seeking a solution within the constitution. Soit ssems that the Executive will not burn down the Supreme Court despite the rhetoric and bravado the couple of weeks. It seems clear now that all the huff and puff was in part a psyching up of the public and the pundits for the next act The Removal of Corona. Previously we have seen the Fall of Guttierez, the Parade of Corruption, and the Arrest of Glorya.

The trick now at least n the Public Eye is not to make the Accused et al victims at a Kangaroo Court. And this is the reason for the vilifications of the accused. It is easier to prosecute Hitler, Stalin or a Tammany Hall Politician. And to be honest it does not take much to vilify the Accused and Company.

What is interesting though is people and means used to accomplish this are basically the same that were used to prop up the Accused before. They sort of fulfill the role of the Sheep in George Orwell’s The Animal Farm. Previously, they were bleating for Napoleon, GMA and now for Aquino.

Come to thinjk of it. If it is this pass to muster the vote for cause why has this not been used in the case of th Freedom of Information Act or even the RH Bill. Ah the subtleties of law making. As Otto Leopold Von Bismark the Iron Chancellor once said people who loves sausages and the law should not watch them being made.

However, one looks at series of cases, orchestrated or not by the present Powers that be. Two concerns come to mind. First, Statecraft or governing is not nor ever was all about one public persecution. Even if it is popular. To list a few concerns, there is the economy, the environment and the people that needs to be taken cared of. And Second, there is a need for a voice that makes sure the present Leaders stay the course and serve the People. It is bigger than being Pro-Aquino or even Pro-Arroyo. We need the Pro-People voice.

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