A Report on SMORGS of the SMEC from the SMNATS

Definition of terms –
SMEC: The Social Media Ecosystem
SMORG: The Social Media Organism
SMNAT: Social Media Naturalists or Scientists or SMSCIENCTISTS

Social Media Ecosystem or SMEC is a unique world defined by communication technology and interactions. Scoial Media Naturalists or SMNats bagan to notice the specialization and diversification of organisms similar to specialization of organisms in a Desert Community or a Tropical Rain Forest. These organisms were called SMORGS, which was short for Social Media Organisms. Smats identified six major types of Smorgs in SMEC.

Smorg the Sharer: This Smorg likes to share almost anything from what has happened in its life, the hamburger it ate this morning, the article it read; the picture it took with its camera. For this Smorg life is lived and chronicled.

Smorg the Brand: This is the Smorg who has discovered it can make a living while living on SMEC. It shares mostly stuff about its brand, which may be itself, others and others and itself. There is a tendency for this type of SMorg to drown those who follow in a river of information – some useful and some basically floatsam and jetsam.

Smorg the Social Butterfly: The Me Smorg. This is the Sharer on uber-overdrive. If the sharer would like to share things and life with you. The Social Butterfly announces it as if it were manna from Heaven sent to the hungry Israelites. No personal news and views is small enough not to share. And it is shared in the different worlds of SMEC from facebook, twitter, blogs and even emails.

Smorg the Whiner Good wine improves with age but this particular Smorg is never good at any age nor any sex. Each tweet and post is a complaint a rant against perceived ill-justice. Woe to the mortal that falls foul of this Smorg for the offender will not hear the end of it on-line. Of course if the target of this Smorg is oblivious to the rant. Then the Smorg has the effect of a Miamai-based Dolphin fighting a mountain goat in the Swiss Alps … none at all.

Smorg the Observer: The most silent of all Smorgs. It takes pleasure inn observing other Smorgs. This Smorg probably does this in order to avoid conflict with other Smorgs or just for the fun of it. For the Observer silence often does not mean agreement or support. At most it just watches, learns and enjoys.

Uber-Smorg or the Mensch: This is the Smorg nearly everyone enjoys to be with. Always ready to help and answer when asked. Gives useful insights and knows when to be quiet and when not to. Fellow Smorgs enjoy the company of the Mensch or Uber-Smorg.

SMNats note that although there are six major types, they belong to one species and the six major types are stages one evolves to or de-volves to depending on the organism and circumstances. Indeed eolution from the different type or even the mixing is not uncommon.


Like any ecosystem the SMEC is defined by its SMORGS and their interaction. It would be too easy to fall into the trap that a particular SMORG should be avoided or is preferred but SMNATS have found out it depends actually on the following: A SMORGS Interest and the relationship between Smorg A and B.

Similar to Ecology the following interactions have been noted by SMNARTS:

A relationship between SMORG A and B can be mutual. A and B both derived something positive from it.

A relationship between SMORG A and B can be comensal: A can benefit from the presence B without affecting B. A shares Smorg can benefit from another Smorg without affecting.

A relationship between SMORG A and B can be amensal: A can be adversely affected by the mere presence of B.

A relationship between SMORG A and B can be parasitic: A leeches off from B affecting B but not killing it.

A relationship between SMORG A and B can be predatory: A attacks and kills B.

How a relation turns out between Smorgs of course differs based on several factors. The first factor is the Smorg themselves – their nature. And the second factor is tolerance level of the Smorgs. For example a Whiner or Social Media BUtterfly will have a different effect on fellow Smorgs based on whether they are Whiners or Social MEdia Butterflies themselves and also on their toltrance level. A high tolerance level will make them immune to the stress brough about ny the Social MEdia Butterfly and the Whinner. On the other hand a low tolerance level will have a negative affect on any Smorg to the point of Amensalism.

SMNAts note that when do tolerance does drop the Smorgs put up a flight or fight response. AGain the report varies

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