Tabula Rasa

Staring at a blank piece of paper or a blank screen can be overwhelming. what are you going to put in it ? Will you type in the letters that form the words that will form the sentences that will make up the paragraphs that will be the post ? Or do you start doodling? The blank slate a Tabula Rasa.

Everything starts from a blank slate. More so when you start an organization. Sometimes we think that an organization starts with people … Well perhaps that is partly true. It also starts with goals. One goal could be to safeguard the members against a threat or danger. And the other could be to educate members of the organization, It could be both or more but what makes or break an organization are goals and people. The first is the rudder that stirs the ship and the people provide the ways the organization or ship moves.

The proposed National Blogger Association or is it the National Blogger and Professional Association has come to fore. And it seems that even with my limited access, I am confined in the hospital and will have limited access to the Web for the whole month, it seems that it has stirred up the digital hornets’ nest, which is no surprise.

I received a copy of the manifesto several weeks ago and submitted my comments about it, These were ;

First, the group should not be partisan and partial to any business or political group or individual. The proposed group should not be used to further the interests of any one member or non member of the group.

Second, the group should avoid the trumpeting of blogging as a big thing. Since it can be seen as self promotion,

Some comments, i failed to mention but seems to be important were ;

Third, the organization should have very specific goals, Will it safeguard interests of bloggers ? Will it educate ? Will it represent bloggers ? Will it have a legislative agenda ? Will it be a social club ?

Members need to know these things since these are the reasons the organization is to be built. This will define what members will do.

Fourth, the organization should have a data privacy policy. To avoid the organization from becoming a source of information for databases of political organizations and business interest.

Fifth, the organization should not aim to encompass the whole community. This would be impossible. The free spirit of blogging will not allow this, Only those willing and who agrees with the goals of the organization.

Sixth, there may be a need to have a re-think of the name and the manifesto till all voices that want to be heard are heard There are many terms that needs to be defined. There is the term National and the term professional can be problematic. Does the term mean a person who blogs for money? Does that mean there are un professional blogger. Personally, i believe i am blogger, who from time to time has done professional work. I am a blogger.

Seventh, there is no immediate need to rush this, again because all voices should be heard and it must be very specific what form the organization will take. Will it be for business ? Will it be for advocacy? Will it be for some form of professionalization ?

Professionalization means setting standards and keeping them. Will the organization a license system to enforce this? Similar to librarians, engineers and doctors? Would thiss be the goal?

Quo Vadis ?

In the end i like the concept of the organization as long as it is non partisan and will not serve any business interest. And it be more goal oriented and not member number focused. Furthermore, the organization should not aim to represent the community but to serve the whole community.

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