The Santa Clausewitz on Christmas

Early in life the story of Santa Clause and Rudolph the Reindeer was easily killed off in my mind. It was easy, We were leaving just above the equator. Any big white man willing to give me a toy would be suspect. No Santa Clause was an entertainment we had like Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, Jack Skellington, the Grinch and Scrooge something I saw each Christmas. This the same during the Lenten Week when one saw a number of movies about Jesus of Nazareth, Moses and the original 300 Spartans.

The closest we evercome to remembering Christmas is when the Manger or the Belen is set up – complete with Joseph, Mary, Jesus, the barn animals, the shepherds and their flock and the Three Kings. And the star. A fixture in nearly all Houses. And it does not matter if once they were mistaken by a preacher as a pentagram and went ballistic upon seeing on and in every nook and cranny in the Philippines. Poor Guy what must he have thought when he saw all those parols or Christmas Lantern.

Anyway, as we speed up to the climax of the Christmas Rush in the Philippines or Christmas Eve a few things on the nature of Christmas in the Philippines 2010.

1. On Traffic:

When to leave early: when avoiding traffic best applied before rush hour. When to leave late: when avoiding traffic best applied after rush hour the later the better.

2. On Guests:

They say a guest like dead sih begin to stink after the first day. If you do not want guests, be a guest – go somewhere. This might be better than turning off the doorbell. If guests do come entertain and be hospitable. But also be truthful and tact when they need to leave. Sometimes a yawn or two would not … instead tell them you have to go somewhere early tomorrow and need to rest.

3. On Department Stores and Groceries:

If at all possible avoid the department stores and groceries on the 24th. Unless no one goes to the department store or the said grocery. Then again there maybe a reason why people do not go there. If you are to go to the department store or to a grocery go early or better yet go on the 25th or 26th. You avoid the mass rush of Christmas shoppers.

4. On Gifts:

Gifts are good if you receive them. They are also good if you give it away to people yoou want to give them to. Just be careful in selecting what you give. It would really be great if the recepient of the gift actually likes it. Now when recycling gifts make sure you remove the price tag and the card that came with it. If you are a recipient of a recycled gift … smile and anyway there is next year – when you can get your revenge – last year’s fruitcake would be perfect.

5. On the Last minute item syndrome.

This usually happens when you will be cooking your feast for Christmas only to find out midway you lack one or two ingredients. Do not volunteer. Do not volunteer. If on the other hand you have no choice prepare yourself. May you have th patience of Job.

6. On Stock:

Stock up up on the good stuff. It is easier to be Zen on Christmas with supplies of the good stuff. Of courese what the good stuff is depends upon the individual.

7. On other things:

There are probably a hundred one things that could happen during and after Christmas. And they will. Just grin and bear it. Its Christmas it is supposed to be the happuy holidays. So be happy.


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