Reading and the Name of the Rose

An abbey where a great debate was to be held about Christ, the Church and property experiences a death of a young monk. An illustrator. Was he thrown to his death by the devil? One of the guests to the theological debate is asked to investigate. The name of the Franciscan Monk is William of Baskerville and along with thim his pupil the Benedictine Adlso of Melk.

Thw Abbey is situated on top of a mountain in Northern Italy. It holds in its a wall a magnificent library that is built like a maze and its content guarded voraciosly by its keeper. Things occur during the time when the Pope is based in Avignon and the Inquisition is all powerful and the Emperor challenges the power of the Pope.

The book is called The Name of the Rose and the author of the book is Umberto Eco. The original voel was written in Italian and titled Il Nome Della Rosa. The book was translated into English by William Weaver. And has been seen worlwide as the eponymous film adaptation, which was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and starring Sean Connery, Christian Slater, WIlliam Hickey, Ron Perlman, Helmut Qualtinger, Michael Lonsdale, Volker Prechtel,Feodor Chaliapin Jr, William Hickey, Michael Habeck, Urs Althaus, Valentina Vargas, and F. Murray Abraham.

It was one of the films we watched at the domitory of in Miag-ao, Iloilo at UP in the Visayas. It was an interesting movie. AFterwards, I had to look for the book and read it. Then I made a mistake. I read the book too fast.

Fast reading is quite practical. When you need to process something quickly and thoroughly but then there is a slower and more determined paced in reading. A more pleasurable digestion of the book.

Several years later. On a weekend, one lazy afternoon, I was able to watch the Name of the Rose again. And this time I got the book and started to read it slowly. And what I found was extraordinary. I liked the film but clearly the book was better.

A more clearer image of the characters came out. And several more stories around the story seem to grew out, like the rose bush. Beginning from the stem and branching out to several points each with a rose at its end. In this case different Roses.

Each character in the story has his own story sometime equally interesting or even more interesting than the mystery of the deaths in the abby. I am not sure if you can show this in a film, perhaps in television series. Again it would be difficult to show this in a film. And perhaps this is where the book excels or is good at. To present a story that comes with it different stories.

And in the end your not just viewing a rose but a boquet of roses. Each has to be cherished separately. And enjoyed slowly.

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