Walk Barefoot

Socia Media: Inexpensive and easily accessible information that uses social interaction to spreading and feedback and conversation.

The Social Media: Is the set of social media sites that have a relationship with one another through an individual or a group individuals that are represented in sites. Such sites may include but are not limited to Blogs; Social Networking Sites – like Facebook; Microblogging networks – like Twitter; Forums; Wikis; Chat ; and even Email. Collectively they can be called The Social Media or can be grouped based on interest or nationationality or geography. Definitions and limitations are made to fit the study. This the Philippine Social Media can be defined and limitied to social media that originates and focuses on the Philippines.


I know this may sound big and grand but in actuality this is limited further by the one crucial element – ACCESS to the Internet: or DIGITAL DIVIDE. In the Philippines those that are actively accessing social media are about twenty percent or those that have enough money to engage the Internet for the purpose of engaging. And this is why in the last National Election – the comeback of Joseph Estrada was a surprise and the result of the Senate Election was a total surprise for the Social Media Crowd.

I love social media and the Philippine Social Media with it one can share things irregardless of physical distance and more importantly the talk: the conversation: the dialogue. Without it I would not be able to know what happened and is happening with friends and relatives who are not here. Without, I would mot have neem able to talk to friends. It is a wonderful thing. Almost conversation on tap. Both serious and playful. Exchanges normally done at scoial gatherings or when one meets during parties or dinners. Its Social Bonding.

And it is no surprise then that a number interests have well taken interest in social media for the pupose business and the purpose of business for other businesses. Which is not bad but approached and done incorrectly may do more damage and result in the business and the person being branded as a (i) nuisance/pest, (ii) boor, and/or user.

Social media uses social interaction to spread media. And a spoiled social interaction spoils the message. Often times its not what you say it but how you act and how you say it that counts.

Person A: Oops, I am sorry I seemed to have made a mistake, how can I help?
Person B: Oops, It is not my fault but I am sorry.

In Social Media or if you were going to enter Social Media for the business or the business of business or for personal business it would be mindful to walk barefoot. As such lessons can be learned from the old missionaries of old and social community workers.

In the Philippines, the friars and missionaries who converted the Filipinos did two important things. First was to live among the people and Second was to learn their language. This allowed them to interact and grow with the community.

In modern times teachers, scientists and social workers work with the community. I was with a professor from the University of the Philippines. He had a project up North that involved dealing with the local community. The Professor descended from a Spanish Conquistador and still maintained the Castillian look and lived in big old family compound in Pasay. An Insulares. Now when he visited the house of the house of the barangay Captain of the community the first thing he did was to take of his shoes. A custom in those parts. Any other person would have just walked shoe and all. He also took time to converse in the vernacular and ate with relish using his hands.

In Social Media, What you would probably want to avoid is what happened during a dinner scene in the movie the Joy Luck Club. The couple an American man and a Chinese American woman were going to have dinner at her mother’s house. As family custom the Mother prepared the dinner and during dinner time proceeded to tell the people that the dinner was unworthy and she would do better the next time. The American promptly agreed with her and to her surprise (and indignation) started sprinkling soy sauce on one of her dish.

Walk Barefoot …

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