How Time Flies and My List

I have started blogging , oh well nearly more than a score, decade, ago and I like blogging. First, Because it allowed me to say what I want to say and in the process discover new things. Second, It also allowed me to meet people who have had an impact on me – as well as any encounter can. And in the process discovered friends.


It is surprising to see how time flies. Aileen and Jay are now married. Batang Yagit does not look like a Yagit anymore. At least the t-shirt still fits. Markku and Hana together. Karla and Sha happy together. Jayvee is into diving and coffee. Manolo is in government. Marocharim has added wisdom and gut to his belt. Rico from Fool for Five is now The Technogra Nina is still wandering. Arpee is large, i mean still Pinoy Life at Large. Kring is Direk while a more healthy Coy has become a manager. Poyt is Flippish. Arbet is still giving daily colorful mrt commentary . Fritz is chasing his star. And Benj is Benj.

Anyway here is my list of Blogs for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010:
Donna Mae’s
Project 52 Weeks
Alexis Chua’s
Rabsky Villanueva’s
Kusina Maria
Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal
Mozilla Philippines Community
Rock Your Firefox

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