The Flight of Dragons

It is amazing what one can accumulate through the years and sometimes you lose something and then find it again years after. Tonight, I chanced upon and saw the television movie The Flight of Dragons, If I remember correctly it was first shown at least in the Philippines at Channel 7. One of those TV specials.

The Flight of Dragons was produced by Rankin & Bass. Like most Rankin & Bass animated telefilm it had Don Mclean singing the song. It also used the voice talents of John Ritter, Victor Buono, Harry Morgan and James Earl Jones.

It is the age when magic is declining and science is ascending. The Four Magic Brothers Carolinus, Solarius, Lo Tae Zhao and Ommadon meet to discuss on the best course of action to do. All but one agree to create a protected magic realm to retreat to. Ommadon decides and vows to corrupt mankind. The Evil Red Wizard voiced and empowered by James Earl Jones is an adversary worth confronting In fact the remaining Magic Brothers decide to make war on Ommadon but the rules as manifested by Antiquity does not allow this to happen. So a quest with champions, representatives and Paladins begins.

The film is replete with magic and science talk. Dragons and the biology of Dragons. Fantastic creatures both fair and deadly are met. Challenges and Dangers needs to be overcome.

This is after all a Quest.

And after watching it again I come to understand why this has to be one of my favorite films from Rankin and Bass. Also one of my favorite Dragon films, Enough to pass on and share with my nephews one of this weekend.

Three Reasons Why I Like The Flight of Dragons: If you do not like spoilers skip the video/

It is not your common Dragon story.

It is about magic versus science.

It has James Earl Jones as Ommadan

And that is why I am going to share it with my nephews.

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  1. zarah_g says:

    been looking for a dvd of this animated film. where did you get yours?

  2. Juned says:

    A friend gave it to me. A long time ago :)

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