The Book and Film Adaptation

Life is cyclical a few weeks ago we had one of those long weekends. And during one of those lazy afternoon my eldest nephew and I sat down to watch a film. As my nephew searched for a movie to watch I was wondering what was my favorite book. And then I heard him say he saw the movie to watch. It was Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring. Adapted from JRR Tolkien’s book also called The Fellowship of the Ring. Within the following days we ended up watching also the Two Towers and the Return of the King.

As we watched the three films. I remembered the first time I read the Fellowship and there was this feeling inside of me to read it again. It was like a call to visit a familiar and special place. A calling would be an apt term.

In the end I did take up the book again. Actually this must have been the ninth, tenth or even eleventh time I have read the Trilogy. And it was not disappointing.

For even though the film was a marvel in terms of visualization. It was nothing compared to the book.


Chapters omitted; Chapters changed and Characters lost diminished the film adaptation. Not that it was bad but it was not as good as the book. The re-glossing over a particular story was a bit tiresome.

Reading the book one gets to meet Tom Bombadil; more Hobbits; And even Radagast the Brown. Also as my friend once told me a more gentler Faramir.

In the original one would know what actually happened to the Shire and Saruman. And of course what happened to Frodo and Bilbo.

In the end and in the case of the Lord of the Rings the books revealed more than the movie could show. And although my nephew and I enjoyed the films. There were parts of the story omitted and changed that diminished the film adaptation.

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