Probably the most important thing the Automated Election Has Done

The last Presidential Election before the 2010 Presidential Election was stressful. Not because it was between Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Fernando Poe Jr and it was. Not because there were allegations of cheating and there was. Not because it was difficult choice and it was. But because of the delay in the canvassing and the accompanying theatrics and oratorical torture heaped upon the Citizens of the Republic.

Philippines 2010 Elections – The Line to Vote

With the automated election the Nation knows in advance who is the winner for the Presidential and the close winner for the Vice-Presidential race. What Congress will do now is just proclaim the next President of the Republic. In other words Tapos na ang bakbakan – the fighting is over … and all that is left is to proclaim the winner. And if they do not … well.

Philippines 2010 Elections – The Holding Room before the Next Line to Vote

Given the preference of the Legislators for flowery, verbose speeches and grand standing this indeed is a welcome development.

Still the proclamation as usual is going about its usual speed a slug mode. And it makes one wonder if it would be practical to adopt the practice used in the Vatican when selecting the next Pope. Perhaps lock in the Legislators inside the halls of Congress and not let them out till the canvassing is over. Then control the food and beverage coming in. The longer it gets the more simpler the fare – from a full meal to bread and water to boy bawang and water.

Philippines 2010 Elections -Orientation before actually Voting

Bismark once remarked people who loves sausages and the law should not see both being made. The automated counted at least save us the trouble and anxiety.

Maybe the next step would be to streamline the Legislature both in terms of representatives and times they meet. Something similar to the Afghan Loya Jirga – which means once or twice a year. The Grand Council in the Philippines could be made up of Governors, Mayors and Baranggay Captains acting as legislators twice or thrice a year. Just a thought. A piece of unsolicited advice from a Citizen of the Philippine Republic.

Despite all the hassles. I am glad the Automated Election did push through. It only needs to be improved.

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