Elections, Damned Elections and statistics

One of the longest exams I ever took in college was the one in BioStat. It was an open book exam and almost no time limit – as I said most of us took hours to finish the exam: One single exam. Imagine your brain being eaten by Cannibals as the drums of doom kept pounding in the background would be an apt description. Then your professor singing gleefully “I will see you next semester”.

it was probably one of the more interesting classes at college and one of the more unforgettable professor I have met and eventually became a friend. His name was Sonny Daria. I shall not forget him.

One of the more often uttered quote on the subject of statistics was written by Samuel Clemens or Mark Twain:

Figures often beguile me,” he wrote, “particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics

I like statistics but like anything said or written it should be examined and tested to see what is said and presented is valid or kosher. And maybe just maybe a survery may not be the best reason to buy this particular tootpaste or vote for this candidate. Remember a survey only says x number of people prefer using or this person and not much more.

Having said that I did a little informal, unscientific and potentially flawed survey two actually:


A random count of political stickers all over Metro Manila not-including stickers, posters and ads placed in the campaign headquarters and official websites of the political parties and candid. As such this limited the count to stickers on private cars,ballers, posters on houses, websites, avatars, and t-shirts. This informal study was further limited only to select cities within Metro Manila.

NoyNoy Aquino, Mar Roxas would have a large number of supporters; Followed by Villar, Gino amd then Gordon. This points out a strong win for Aquino and Roxas at least within Metro Manila and within the Upper and Middle Class. Gibo seems to be on the upswing in this sector as a number of people online can be seen carrying the Gibo banners.

Campaign paraphernalia and trinkets range from the most simplest to the most complex – people wear ballers of their candidate or even brooches of their candidates. And yellow seems to be in vogue – in fashion. But then again the Gibo sticker, the green sticker that looks like the coupling of the letter G & 8, is also interesting to the eye.

Talking about interesting.

What is interesting about the survey of stickers and other campaign paraphernalia is that these were signs put on voluntarily – possibly showing intent to support.


This is another interesting survey. Talks with Taxi Drivers often leads to conversation about the flood of campaign materials on tv, newspaper and radio – while most likely listening to AM Radio.

Most if not all would say that all politicians are saying promises that will never be kept.
A number believe Erap has a chance to win based on their own informal survey of passengers preference.
Nearly all are disappointed with the Party List system.
A number believe Arroyo is still the craftiest fox in the den.
A number believe that the election is only a game between the politicians and the money-class.
A number believe that Erap will win.

Their Taxis both carry the yellow ribbon and the orange check.

So these are the two informal and very unscientific survey that can be done. For a more sensible and interesting talk about statistics please check the following webpages:

How TO Understand Statistics

Statistics Every Writer Should Know

Oh well, elections, damned elections and statistics 🙂

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  1. ay naku ang mga taxi drivers super overwhelming ang mga information na alam. Naloka ako

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