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STS Exercise/Activity: The Perils of Pluto by David Moshman

For THX (TTH 2:30 to 4:00): Discuss the essay of David Mossman entitled The Perils of Pluto with your groupmates. You will the whole class period for this. At the end produce a five point reflection on the paper. The … Continue reading

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STS ONLINE EXERCISE: The Needham Question and Science s Revelations

Listen, reflect and leave your comment/opinion on the Neeeham question nBe concise and clear — not more than five (5) sentences. Leave a comment on this post. Required: Comment per group and voluntary individual comments. Do not forget to indiciate … Continue reading

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STS Exercise : The Scientific Method

Follow the instructions and sequence you will find below. Read and view with an open mind. Then write your comments on the Scientific Method in this post. Step 1. Read the following Links: The scientific┬ámethod: How the scientific method is … Continue reading

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