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Unmasking an anonynomous network of political blogs

There has been an ongoing war in Philippines Cyberspace. I call it the War of Opinion and Propaganda. It is nothing new, A look at human history will show that it has been going on for several decades and centuries. … Continue reading

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On Social Media Practitioners, Media and Accreditation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Many have dived into the issue of accreditation of social media practitioners (SMP) and have made some rapid generalization of what bloggers, social media users, and social media practitioners are. All bloggers and social media practitioners are social media users … Continue reading

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ASEAN and Social Media Coverage

Before we proceed let me just say that I am at present a senior media consultant of the PCOO. My sole area of concern for the consultancy is the ASEAN. I have also participated in the talks and discussions on … Continue reading

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