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On journalists, bloggers and netizens

To be honest I though this issue would not be tackled again but it has and it has provided an opportunity to look back, look now and look at the future of digital media — or media created on and … Continue reading

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Decoding Duterte: D30: Digong the Firebrand

D30 is good copy; animated and burlesque way of speaking is entertaining but do those who observe and those who rely on those who observe fully understand the message the DU30 is sending and its reception of the people? Misunderstanding, … Continue reading

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Are We Ready For The Internet That Will Be?

A number of friends after the national election were happy since things on-line would go back to normal. This was not surprising since the Philippine Internet has become a 24 Seven Battle Royal- Street Brawl No Holds barred match these … Continue reading

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