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The Setting up of The Royal Society – Professor Michael Hunter

In this video we can observe the presentation of Professor Michael Hunter; where he discusses the cultural and scientific context surrounding the formation of The Royal Society.Based on this video and further readings what was the role of institutions like … Continue reading

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Age of Progress: The Industrial Age of England: Victoria and Her Sisters

One of the books I often read was titled The Age of Progress. It chronicled the time of Queen Victoria, Otto Von Bismark, and Oscar Wilde up to the point of Victoria’s death and a little bit further on the … Continue reading

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A Game of Monopoly or STS in US Industrialisation and Imperialism

Updated post originally written here. Did you know that the game Monopoly had its beginning as a tool to teach people the reality of business and its impact on human society? The game originally done by Elizabeth Maggie was hoped … Continue reading

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