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It Felt Thin … Like Butter Scraped Over Too Much Bread

I am an avid reader of Tolkien’s work and his friend Clive Staple Lewis. Among Tolkien’s characters my favourites have been Hobbits or Halflings; Wizards or Istaris; Thorin and Company; and even the Ringwraiths, Balrogs, Orcs, Fire Drakes and even … Continue reading

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The Janitor: Much Potential Much Missed

Finally watched The Janitor. The actors were not lacking and overall the story was effective in one seense – because it made one wonder where the story was taking us and it did finally got there. And it was at … Continue reading

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Barber’s Tales: The Film, The Actress and the Himala Moment

As she entered the room she said that nobody told her the colour of the room … her blouse was of the same colour. She also told us that she came in early but was waiting downstairs eating chicken and … Continue reading

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