Ang Kuwento ng Dalawang Boksingero

Noong unang panahon may isang Matandanf Boksingero na kilala dahil lahat ng nag hamon sa kanya ay natalo niya. Dahil dito marami ang gustong matuto sa kanya at meron din mga boksingerona gustong hamunin at talunin siya.

Isang araw may isang Batang Boksingero na dumating sa bayan ng Matandang Boksingero. Kilala at sikat din ang Batang Boksingeroat layunin nitya maging pinakasikat ng Boksingero sa Pilipinas. Malakas siya at mahusay, pero higit pa doon may anking talino siyang na nadidiskubre nIya kung ano ang kahinaan ng kanyang kalaban. Hinahayaan at hinihintay ng Batang Boksingero na unang umatake ang kalaban, pagkatapos aatake at natatalo niya ang kalaban. Lahat ng kalaban niya natalo pag tapos nilang umatake.

Ang pamilya, ang mga estudyante at mga kaibigan nagulat ng tinangap ng Boksingero and batang eskrimador.

Sa takdang araw ng kanilang laban. Nagharap ang Matanda Boksingero at ang Batang Boksingero sa isang maliit na bukid Sa umpisa pa lang nag simula na ang batang Boksingerosa pag-insulto sa Boksingero. Na-bagyo ng insulto ang Boksingero pero hindi niyo ito pinansin. Nanatiling nakatayo ang Matandang Boksingero — para lang walang nanyayari sa harap nya. Tumagal ito ng buong araw hanggan na pagod ng batang eskrimista, na sa kahuli-hulihan umalis at iniwan ang Matandang Boksingero.

Pauwi ang Matandang Boksingero kasama ng kanyang mga estudyante at tinanong siya paano ma natiis ang pagyurak ay paginsiulto sa iyo? Paano ma napaalis yung batang Boksingero

Tuminingin lang siya at sinagot sila ng ganito,” Kung may pumunta sa iyo at binigyan ka ng regalo at hindi mo tinangap kanini ang regalo?”

Na adapt mula sa Zen Koan or istoryo naa Ang Regalo ng Insulto

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My ASEAN2017 Journal: Asean Na Tayo Episode 1

This is an informative discussion about Asean with ASEC Helen B. dela Vega of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and ASEC Kris Ablan of Presidential Communications Operrations Office (PCOO).

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Matilda Who Told Lies, and Was Burned to Death – by Hilaire Belloc

One of my favorite poem books I discovered later in life was the witty and satirical poems of Hillaire Belloc. It was series of tales collectively called Cautionary Tales for Children. I have a strong feeling howeder that at our present time Belloc’s should also be told to a number of us on-linr and in mainstream media — in particular when our analysis and contextualiztion depart from the essay and non fiction and moves towards tall-tales and fiction 🙂 You know who you are 🙂

Matilda Who Told Lies, and Was Burned to Death – by Hilaire Belloc
Taken from Hillaire Belloc’s Cautionary Tales for Children

The Frontpiece poem of the book

And now:

Matilda told such Dreadful Lies. snd was burned to death

Matilda told such Dreadful Lies,
It made one Gasp and Stretch one’s Eyes;
Her Aunt, who, from her Earliest Youth,
Had kept a Strict Regard for Truth,
Attempted to Believe Matilda:
The effort very nearly killed her,
And would have done so, had not She
Discovered this Infirmity.
For once, towards the Close of Day,
Matilda, growing tired of play,
And finding she was left alone,
Went tiptoe to the Telephone
And summoned the Immediate Aid
Of London’s Noble Fire-Brigade.
Within an hour the Gallant Band
Were pouring in on every hand,
From Putney, Hackney Downs, and Bow.
With Courage high and Hearts a-glow,
They galloped, roaring through the Town,
‘Matilda’s House is Burning Down! ‘
Inspired by British Cheers and Loud
Proceeding from the Frenzied Crowd,
They ran their ladders through a score
Of windows on the Ball Room Floor;
And took Peculiar Pains to Souse
The Pictures up and down the House,
Until Matilda’s Aunt succeeded
In showing them they were not needed;
And even then she had to pay
To get the Men to go away,
It happened that a few Weeks later
Her Aunt was off to the Theatre
To see that Interesting Play
The Second Mrs. Tanqueray.
She had refused to take her Niece
To hear this Entertaining Piece:
A Deprivation Just and Wise
To Punish her for Telling Lies.
That Night a Fire did break out-
You should have heard Matilda Shout!
You should have heard her Scream and Bawl,
And throw the window up and call
To People passing in the Street-
(The rapidly increasing Heat
Encouraging her to obtain
Their confidence) – but all in vain!
For every time she shouted ‘Fire! ‘
They only answered ‘Little Liar! ‘
And therefore when her Aunt returned,
Matilda, and the House, were Burned

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