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Planted Aquariums and Konrad Lorenz’s Ring of Solomon

Before the weekend a friend asked a group of us how to set-up a Planted Aquarium. Over the years when I spent a great deal of time keeping fishes I handled almost all sorts of aquariums, both private and public. … Continue reading

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Why I Keep Aquariums and Ponds

“I will never keep them and they deserved to be free in their environment” This was what a relative who saw my aquariums told me. Fair enough. Then she never could and perhaps never will understand the idea behind keeping … Continue reading

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Manila Bay: Last Full Show

Nemesis -The avenger crime and hubris Manila Yacht Club, January 5, 2013 – Inside a roomful of people, media and concerned citizens, the press conference to Save Manila Bay was on going. Speakers talked about different reason why the reclamation … Continue reading

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