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Election 2016 Philippines: Election of the Lesser Evils: Ang Pangulong Pwede Na

The 2016 Philippine Elections will probably go down as the least satisfying one in recent years. In nearly all local polls except for Manila, Makati and other towns, the incumbents are up against non-opponents guaranteeing their victory. In the senatorial … Continue reading

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The Future Incunabulii

Our last complete family portrait was taken two years ago. This was a snapshot taken after a dinner at our old house. Since then my parents have passed away: my father first and a few months after my mother. The … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Wannsee Conference, Lysenko and the Sparrow

If you are an observer of Science, Technology and Society one realises that Science and Technology cannot be separated from the Arts, Culture, Business and Politics. In politics let us look at four moments in human history, First, The Wannsee … Continue reading

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