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STS Exercise/Activity: The Perils of Pluto by David Moshman

For THX (TTH 2:30 to 4:00): Discuss the essay of David Mossman entitled The Perils of Pluto with your groupmates. You will the whole class period for this. At the end produce a five point reflection on the paper. The … Continue reading

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STS Announcement: Read The Perils of Pluto by David Moshman

Hello Fellow Sentients of STS THX and WFX , In preparation for next please read The Perils of Pluto by David Moshman. Links: and ?

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Rappler, Press Freedom, and the different narratives

There is a classic British political comedy show called Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. One sketch from that show for me seems to be a nice introduction to this post. In that sketch called who reads the press the … Continue reading

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