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Land Bank converts newly acquired Postal Bank to Overseas Filipino Bank

Good news from our government. Timely development since Overseas Filipinos are one of the pillars that support the Philippines. Malacanan on Monday, October 9, released Executive Order (EO) No. 44, approving Land Bank of the Philippines’ (LBP) acquisition of Philippine … Continue reading

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Science in daily life: From Camera Obscura to the cameraphone

Now it would be impossible to imagine a world without a selfie. t would be hard to imagine a world without a camera. What would be our world be like without our ability to capture chemically and digitally images? THE … Continue reading

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Four things to do when a blogger slurs or slams you on line

Bloggers (Those who blogs); Social Media Users (Those who use social media); And Social Media Practitioners (Those who use social media extensively for a political or economic purpose) express their thoughts and opinion under the right of freedom of expression. … Continue reading

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