CHR: Good luck or bad luck? Who knows

The on-going discussion, debate and ad-hominems resulting from the House of Representatives decision to give the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) a 1000 peso budget reminds me of an old tale called the Farmer’s Story , which I first heard at a sermon during mass and was mentioned in the film Charlie Wilson’s War where it was told by Philip Seymour Hoffman to Tom Hanks who played Charlie Wilson. Anyway, It seem somewhat appropriate for what is happening now.

In the Philippine Constitution the CHR was created to be independent but had NO POWER TO PROSECUTE and ADJUDICATE. — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

In 2017 the House of Representatives voted to give the CHR a budget of 1000 pesos — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

In 2017 the Senate voted to give the CHR its 600 ++ million budget — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

There were those who warned there would be a reckoning come election time. I guess a number of people would have to change their address to punish the representatives they hate — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

The Bicameral Committee will decide how much the CHR will actually receive — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

Meanwhile on the net a set of new issues will come and go — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

Speaker Alvarez has said they would restore the CHR budget if CHR Chairman Gascon resigns — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

President DU30 has said its Gascon’s fault — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

Who is Gascon? We should know — Good luck bad luck? Who knows. we should know

Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon a known human rights lawyer was appointed Chairman of the CHR by former President PNOY. He replaced Akbayan’s Loretta Ann Rosales and will serve until May 5, 2022 — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

Gascon was Director General of the Liberal Party from 2008-2011 and Political Director of its the party’s 2010 National Electoral Campaign. — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

Gascon claims he has disengaged from the Liberal Party — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

Gascon is also known and perceived as one of the top critic of this government — Good luck bad luck? Who knows

Would it help if in the future appointees to the CHR and other Commissions have a history of being independent from political parties? Will it help? Perhaps, who knows.

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  1. Paolo Bognot says:

    I agree with the thoughts of this blog. Usually, a commentary or even shared a post no matter how true it is, certainly relays something from the person who commented or shared a post. Whether it is a political agenda or not, it remains to be answered by the one who posted such but regardless, it still conveys meanings.

    Recently (or ever since the start of campaign), fake news has been all over the social media. Even before, or decades and centuries before (as mentioned by the blogger), it has always been circulating. From the simplest of those fake announcements (like no classes, etc.) down to the most significant events in a society. All of these fake news have been on the run for propaganda.

    I say, it is a negative thing to propagate fake news but on the other hand, it also contributes something on the table: being critical and assertive – two important attributes that everyone has to embody. For the case of this country now, I believe fake news will always circulate our social media or even radios and televisions; it all lies now to us to correct, debunk, and stop such things. After all, It is our job to be critical and fight for the truth for this nation.

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