Winners of the first road safety idea hack

I just received this today via the email. The official results of the first road safety Idea Hack that culminated last Saturday.

First place
Team name: Digify
Members: Gaile Sarmiento, Rodelio Arenas
Solution: J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just Another RoadSafety’s Very Intelligent Service) mobile app is a driver companion app that can serve as a driver’s companion to Road Safety (with Handsfree and Voice Command features). It provides data visualizations, guides and safety statistics and uses AI and machine learning to customize the user-experience and improve data analysis.

Second place
Team name: Haraya
Members: Juan Paolo Espiritu, Mark Joseph Basibas, John Hay Supetran
Solution: DriVR
DriVR is a comprehensive driver exam in Virtual Reality, that tests drivers in actual Metro Manila traffic conditions and situations, in order to eliminate common sources of bottlenecks and accidents. Drivers won’t just be tested if they know how to move a car, but more importantly they are tested in road courtesy, safety techniques, and respect for the law.

Third place
Team name: Thinking Machines
Members: Pia Faustino, Stephanie Sy, Mika Aldaba Gilian Uy, Reg Onglao
Solution: Unlocking Hidden Patterns in 10+ Years of MMDA Road Crash Data
A series of online interactive data visualizations based on the MMDA’s biggest road crash data set,

Special citation – Open Source Award
Name: Joseph Emmanuel Dayo
RoadSafe is an android app that uses the DRIVER platform data in order to create a realtime risk assesment of your surroundings while you are driving or walking. The app will, using voice overs and notifications, provide alerts and suggestions about the possible dangers in your vicinity. A special algorithm runs in the backend to calculate various risk factors and relay them realtime to the app. Future versions aim to provide more advanced risk assesment and routing suggestions. Historical data is based on the 2015 incident database.

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